Computed Tomography Persona CT Fujifilm

World's first 85cm bore 64 or 128 slice

The Persona CT is equipped with best-in-class detector and system design, advanced image-processing technologies, higher rotational speed, and greater noise reduction. Everything is designed to provide unparalleled precision and accuracy for sharp, fast decision making.

Next generation LISA5 reduces noise without blurring detail.

Fully-integrated into each protocol, fifth-generation LISA5 iterative reconstruction reduces image noise while maintaining or improving spatial resolution.

Available in strengths from 0 to 100, LISA5 settings can be built into each reconstruction to provide the desired look and feel for each series. As part of Fujifilm’s comprehensive approach to radiation dose optimization, LISA5 plays a critical role in achieving ALARA dose levels.

Dose Information

Display and Distribution: Managing patient dose information is critical; the system simplifies that information transfer. Simple Dose Report saves the data as a secondary capture and sends to PACS, while DICOM Dose SR sends the dose information as a structured report.

High diagnostic imaging in a single breath hold.

Routine imaging with high speed sub-millimeter scanning: The system is capable of using sub-millimeter slices for highspeed, whole-body scans—something traditional 64 or 128 slice CT machines have trouble doing. Persona CT generates submillimeter high resolution images in any dimension with a single breath hold.
• Coverage ranges up to 1900mm
• Whole body images in just 16 seconds

High Speed Scanning for better patient care: With a 40mm width detector and unique HQ 3D reconstruction algorithm, the Persona CT achieves high-speed scans even when using a pitch of 1.25. Faster scans mean less burden on patients, especially those that have difficulty holding their breath or position.
• 320mm coverage scans in 2.7 seconds
• 570mm Thoraco-abdominal scans in 5 seconds

Maximize your imaging opportunities without taking up more space.

Open, Yet Compact

Class leading bore size calms patients, while an unconventionally compact footprint facilitates installation into existing rooms.


Designed with your technologist in mind. The Persona CT comes with sleek customized standalone gantry controls, a large 27-inch touchscreen display with all the controls and information you need in a single view. The controller is directly integrated with the keyboard, further consolidating everything into one streamlined experience.

In your high-stakes environment, efficiency is everything. Our intuitive user interface, with Quick Entry mode, fewer buttons, and larger icons, speeds up your process significantly.

Simple Siting

The Persona CT only has 4 main system modules; gantry, patient table, power distribution module, and operation console. This, combined with our fewer-than-average 100 component count, achieves an impressively compact footprint.