Medical Purposes

· Reliable and effective cobalt radiotherapy
· Outstanding spatial accuracy of the intended dose delivery
· Implementation of the most modern radiotherapeutic trends
· Wide spectrum, long-term stability and reliability of all functions
· Substantial increase in the number of treated patients

Control and Service

· Comfortable control
· Simple maintenance
· On-line diagnostics of the unit’s operating conditions
· Easy calibration and dosimetry

Running Costs

· Minimal operating personnel requirements
· Negligible electricity consumption
· Minimal demands for the stability of electricity supply network
· Zero requirements for other operating media such as water or air
· Low service costs (your trained personnel will manage most tasks)

Aquisition Costs

· Low acquisition value
· Minimal requirements for building adjustments of the workplace
· Simple and fast installation
· Easy upgrade option from SCS model to ACS model

Type and Model

TERABALT type 100, model ACS

DRCU Terabalt Components

· Mechanical parts of irradiator (Stand with gantry, Irradiation head with source, Collimator)
· Treatment couch for placing patients
· Safety system of irradiator
· Controlling and measuring electronics
· System for the precise positioning of patients
· Audiovisual system for communication with patients
· Anti-collision system
· Verification system
· Planning system
· Standard accessories (Set of four wedge filters (15°, 30°, 45° and 60°), Set of eight standard blocks, Head and elbow rests, Set of Plexiglass trays for holdingthe blocks)
· Optional accessories (System for the production of individual shielding blocks, Penumbra trimmers for TERABALT type 100, Slot for blocks, Extra treatment coach top, Holder of X-Ray film cassettes, including cassettes and films, Wide range of fixation complements)

Head with Source

The head is certified as a transport container. The head with source can be transported directly from the producer, thus substantially minimizing potential radiation danger and the exposure of the operating personnel that could occur while charging at workplace. The head weighs about 2000 kg and is made of materials highly absorbing gamma radiation. A radiation source 60Co is firmly located in a stainless protective case inside the head that is certified for operating with source of activity up to 400TBq (15000 Ci). Nowadays, we supply a wide range of sources with diameters from 18 to 21 mm and activities from 300 to 400TBq providing dose inputs over 2.5 Gy/min at the isocentre.

Treatment Coach

An isocentric table that can independently move along four axes (vertical, longitudinal and transversal directions and isocentric rotation) is an essential part of the irradiator. All movements are digitally controlled. The controlling software ensures an automatic positioning to any position. Operators can control the table either from the radiotherapy control panel or by a remote control pendant. In case of emergency it is possible to interrupt the irradiation immediately by pressing any of the emergency buttons located on the table or on the walls of irradiation room.

System for The Precise Localization of The Patient

Precise positioning of patients is an essential requirement of top of the range radiotherapeutic care. DRCU TERABALT is supplied with a set of three lasers for precise positioning of the patient. The stability and accuracy of these lasers are regularly verified by the operator and any potential deviations can be easily corrected. The irradiator is further equipped with a precise optical distance meter used for control during SSD (Skin Source Distance) technique ofirradiation.

Planning System

The planning system is able to work both with cobalt irradiators and linear accelerators with a photon or an electron beam. It is possible to import outputs of all diagnostic devices (supporting the output format of DICOM standard) as an input data. A planning process consists of the following steps: selecting the patient and outlining the treated organs in various tomographic slices, setting suggested irradiation fields and calculating the absorbed dose in required amounts. The calculation and projection is always three dimensional. The planning system is connected to the irradiator by data transportin DICOM RT format into the verification system. You can also attach your own planning system (supporting DICOM RTformat) to TERAGIS verification system. Your initial investment put into the purchase will thus be fully utilised.


An accurate dosimetry plays a key role in achieving the main target of radiotherapy – providing a maximal absorbed dose in the requested volume. The irradiator is equipped with a separate irradiation mode for dosimetric purposes that allows to set all required parameters directly from the radiotherapy control panel without having to enter the irradiation room. Additionally it is possible to arrange an automatic sequence of irradiation procedures for dosimetric purposes and thus to substantially shorten dosimetric measurements necessary for clinical operation.

Stand with Gantry

Extremely rigid construction of the device guarantees a fluent start, movement and positioning of all components. Assembled stand with its gantry is firmly connected to the bottom frame which is concreted into the floor of the irradiation room. The bottom frame does not require any additional anchoring. The device is designed to be assembled in common conditions of standard irradiation rooms. A transport route 120 cm wide is sufficient for the transportation of the device in dismantled state. Mechanical adjustment of the system is necessary only after the assembly of its head

Collimation System

An updated collimation system of irradiation beam is based on a brand new design. DRCU TERABALT is equipped with a rectangular collimator working either in symmetric (SCS model) or asymmetric (ACS model) modes. Both models are mechanically and electronically identical, they differ only in their controlling software thus allowing user to seamlessly switch from an economical version(symmetriccollimator)to a fully asymmetric collimation system without costly replacement of mechanical parts of the device. The ranges of dimensions of the irradiation field are from 4 cm x 4 cm to 36 cm x 36 cm for type 80 and from 5 cm x 5 cm to 40 cm x 40 cm for type 100.

Safety System

A DRCU TERABALT is equipped with a wide range of safety functions minimizing any potential danger to patients and operating personnel. The basic safety component is an automatic securing of the return of the source to the shielded position based on a unique spring mechanism. Secure power supply of safe 24V is another important safety component. Moreover, the power supply is continually backed up, so an immediate supply failure does not lead to unexpected situations and the irradiation of the patient can always be completed without any problems.

Control System

All movements are locally controlled by independent electronic modules – regulators. Accurate digital sensors ensure the highest possible precision of positioning to specified position. This function together with the verification system minimizes potential mistakes of the operator. The positioning of patients is ten times more accurate than the requirements specified by international standards. Local independent control of each movement enables parallel operation of all mechanical parts noticeably contributing to faster setting of parameters.

Anti-collision System

DRCU TERABALT collimator is equipped with HW anti-collision bars that automatically block any movement when pressed. For higher safety demands during irradiation it is possible to also supply software-based anti-collision system that continuously controls the mutual positions of all elements and starts an acoustic alarm in case any of the elements is breaching the safe distance. Any movements following the alarm are allowed only from the remote pendant connected to the table in the irradiation room since direct contact between operator and the patient is required in such cases

Verification System

TERAGIS verification system is afullyintegrated part of DRCU TERABALT. All valid parameters of irradiation plan are transferred into it. The verification system contains a calendar scheduling an optimum operation of the device. The calendar works with patient’s data and irradiation fractions that the specific patient is supposed to obtain. If parameters are set incorrectly, TERAGIS prevents carrying out the irradiation procedure. The communication between DRCU TERABALT and TERAGIS verification system is bidirectional, the verification system is informed about the condition of the device and the amount of completed irradiation time. The verification system can be operated by multiple users. For example, one operator can enter information about new patients and their schedule of irradiation procedures while the other operator controls irradiation process and another operator monitors the utilization of the device and prints out summary reports. The exception is the control of the irradiation sequence as it can be carried out only from a workstation specified for that purpose.

Standard Accessories

DRCU TERABALT is equipped with wide spectrum of accessories. Each accessory is marked with an individual code. After installation, the operating system identifies the accessories according to their codes. If the identification code does not correspond to the code required, it is not possible to irradiate the patient.