Medical Purposes

· Simulation of all types of teletherapeutic irradiators (SAD 75 – 110 cm)
· Simulation of wide spectrum of irradiation techniques
· Simulation of symmetric, asymmetric, circular and oval fields
· Simulation of multi-leaf collimator (MLC) at arbitrary position
· Simulation of individual blocks
· Possibility of modification proposal for individual field shaping devices
· Minimum unnecessary radiation exposure of the patient and the operating personnel

Technical Advantages

· Excellent precision of mechanical, electronic and radiation parameters
· Fully digital control
· Automated coasting of each movement into the required position
· Intelligible user environment
· Treatment couch identical with the one for TERABALT cobalt unit
· Ergonometric remote pendant controlling all components of the simulator
· To of the range X-ray technology
· Outstanding contrast and resolution of the digitally processed X-ray images
· Reliable high voltage, high frequency generator
· Digitalization of the X-ray image in real time

Interconnection with Hospital Information Management Systems

· Integration with all planning systems
· Own verification system
· Integrated operational diagnostics

Overall Simulator Costs

· Excellent price performance ratio
· Operational in any X-ray irradiation room
· Minimum service costs

Virtual Beam View

Thanks to the VBV software technology it is possible to utilize a classical simulator for simulations of the most complex radiotherapeutic procedures. One of the options, for example, is to visually control the movements of individual leaves of a multi-leaf collimator (MLC). Another part of the technology allows to verify the actual positions of individual shielding blocks against the positions specified by the treatment plan, including the comparison of the digitally reconstructed radiogram with the actual radiogram obtained on the simulator. Through direct connection to the control system it is possible to adjust the required shape or position of the device for beam-shaping (arbitrary MLC, micorMLC or individual blocks)

Stand with Gantry

The stand with the gantry constitute the essential structure elements of the simulator. Rotating gantry is firmly connected with the arm holding the X-ray tube and the collimation system on one side and the arm holding the X-ray image intensifier on the other side. The whole unit can be easily disassembled into individual parts and transported without requiring any major construction modifications at the place of deployment. The design of the unit provides rotation of the gantry within the range of 720 deg.

Collimation System

The collimation system constitutes of rotating head with X-ray shielding blades and digital data projector for virtual simulation of irradiated field on the patient‘s body. The projector is connected to the virtual field control unit located directly in the rotating head and connected to the main operation control unit. All required parameters are transferred directly onto the projector. This core technology of the Virtual Beam View enables arbitrary shaping of the irradiation field providing unlimited flexibility of the simulation

X-ray Tube and Generator

Terasix is equipped with the IAE RTM 90 (0.6/1.2 mm focal points) X-ray tube driven by the high-voltage, high-frequency CPI Indico 100 generator. The image is captured by 12” Toshiba X-ray Image Intensifier with a digital camera. The X-ray imaging chain is equipped with all standard options such as automatic brightness control, noise-reduction, last image hold, etc. as well as all means of the necessary dose reduction. The X-ray tube is air-cooled. The X-ray imaging chain is interlocked with the operation control panel that checks all the necessary safety conditions blocking the irradiation.

X-ray Image Processing

The second part of the Virtual Beam View consists of the digital image processing of the Xray image captured by the digital camera. The camera contains a sensitive 1 Mpix chip with 12 bits-per-pixel resolution, thus providing 1000x1000 pixels‘ image with 4096 gray-levels. The image is transferred into the imaging workstation and digitally processed in real-time including application of image distortion correction algorithms. The real-time image is overlaid with a virtual drawing of the required radiation field that can be changed and adjusted as well. The resulting image can be stored in the DICOM 3 format and exported into any hospital information management system.

X-ray Image Manipulation

As the digitized X-ray image is overlaid with the virtual irradiation field the Virtual Beam View technology enables to arbitrarily shape the field directly on the X-ray image monitor. It is possible to draw individual shielding blocks or to shape the field of an arbitrary MLC. The shapes of MLC leaves are easily configurable thus it is possible to simulate practically any irradiator with any MLC. In addition the resulting image can be zoomed, rotated, flipped, inverted and its contrast and saturation changed, distances can be measured, contours can be drawn and multiple images can be stitched together in order to visualise large fields.

Simulator Precision

All movements are controlled digitally thus significantly increasing the precision of coasting into the required positions. Terasix simulator control units operates internally with precisions within one tenth of the limits of other simulators. The movements are driven by low voltage electric motors with quiet and smooth operation reducing the stress of patients during examination. The precision of the digitally processed image allows measurements within one tenth of millimetre

Treatment Coach

An isocentric couch that can independently move along four axes (vertical, longitudinal and transversal directions and isocentric rotation) is an essential part of the simulator. All movements are digitally controlled. The controlling software ensures an automatic coasting to any position. Operators can control the couch either from the radiotherapy control panel or by a remote control pendant. In case of emergency it is possible to interrupt the operation immediately by pressing any of the emergency buttons located on the couch or on the walls of irradiation room.

Anti-Collision System

Terasix simulator is equipped with a wide range of safety functions minimizing any potential danger to patients and operating personnel. Collimator and image intensifier are equipped with anti-collision bars that automatically block any movement when pressed. In order to provide additional level of safety the simulator is equipped with a software-based anti-collision system that continuously monitors mutual positions of all components of the simulator. In case of any component breaching secure distance a sound alarm is activated and all consequent movements can be operated from the remote pendant only as the direct supervision of the operating personnel inside the irradiation room is required. Secure power supply of safe 24V is another important safety component. Moreover, the power supply is continually backed up, so an immediate supply failure does not lead to unexpected situations and the simulation can always be safely interrupted without any problems.

Simulator Accessories

The standard supply contains many highly specialised accessories. The following items are provided as standard:

· Holder of the shielding blocks with the source-to-block distance corresponding to a particular irradiator
· Three cross laser dials
· Intercom for communication with thepatient
· CCTV circuit for patient monitoring
· Optical distance meter

The following items are supplied as options:

· Shielding door
· Safety window
· Extensive accessories for patient fixation
· Complete set of measurement and diagnostic tools for monitoring the mechanical, electronic and radiation parameters of the unit.